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Welcome to the world of Fuller Living

To us Fuller Living is about delivering abundance; about giving you life spaces that allow you to fill your lungs with fresh soothing air; the ability to stretch out your legs and relax; life spaces to bond deeply with your loved ones; life spaces that allow your aspirations to soar untrammelled; life spaces that make for a grand lifestyle; spaces that make for moments that make memories; spaces that allow smiles to blossom and shine. Fuller Living is about rich, enriching life spaces, nurturing supremely happy moments.

The first steps

Ajmera Cityscapes’ first foray into the world of real estate was a small step with a single building at Casa Blanca at Oshiwara, Andheri which apred across 30,000 sqft FSI. In the two decades since, we have gone from strength to strength, somewhere along the way picking up a reputation for quality of design and construction as well as superlative value for money. At the present as many as 15 Ajmera Cityscapes’ constructions proudly stand tall in eloquent testimony to the investment or thought, care, impeccable workmanship and best in class construction leading to truly Fuller Living.


To consistently deliver projects that lasts and succeeds against the tests of time. To become the developer of choice for those who seek happy, enriched and enriching life spaces and deliver to their highest aspirations.


To deliver the enrichment of ‘Fuller Living’ to the lives of each individual who chooses his or her life space in an Ajmera Cityscapes development.

Our Combined Strengths: Fullfilling Fuller Living

Customer Focused:

Ajmera Cityscapes’ strengths emanate from various sources, but all have one trait in common, they work in the interest of the customer and significantly add value to the promise of Fuller Living.

Capable & Versatile:

Capability to manage projects of all sizes and ranges from the smallest to huge, derives from our varied past experience and strong financial backing, making Ajmera Cityscapes a better bet for those who do not like uncertainty, but love great value and enjoy Fuller Living.

Credible & Reliable:

Quick project turnaround – a key strength of Ajmera Cityscapes – emanating from our relationships with qualified, strong and renowned partners and associates. This coupled with the high quality of construction has led to Ajmera Cityscapes’ high credibility and perceived reliability amongst customers as well as peers.

Holistic Approach:

Our approach to planning, design and construction is contemporary and highly value oriented, resulting in spacious homes, with thoughtful touches, all resulting in Fuller Living.

Uncompromising Focus on Delivering Fuller Living

From our smallest project at Ashiyana at Santacruz to the grandeur and magnificence of Ajmera Iconic Towers, neither our promise nor our commitment to our promise of ‘Fuller living has ever wavered. Ajmera Cityscapes’ properties are renowned and appreciated for their quality of construction and the efficacy of design. We commit an equal level of dedication, thought, care and professionalism to each one our projects – large or small, premium or regular, new or redevelopment – thereby delivering a Fuller Living experience. We have also had significant success in the SRA space and have delivered great value.